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Cuba Diving Now, seeks to promote the attractions of Diving in Cuba and promote Divers trips to this charming island.

From the vast global community of divers only a minority has information about Cuba or the excellent diving opportunities along its shores. Our goal is to bring all the divers, Clubs, Centres and Diving Schools in the world, well designed and attractive offers to compete with other operators of regional activity, providing an affordable product and really functional for all divers .

The offer personalized service and diving trips that combine tourism are our main strategy, as well as extensive knowledge of the terrain and of the diving world, together with a team of highly professional and beauty of Cuban seabed are our main tools.

Our site provides general information about Cuba, about diving on the island and excellent options for safe and attractive practice of this activity. We also provide accommodation and transportation facilities, among other options.

We hope that our work and the information contained in the site will be useful.

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