Lodging in Cuba

For years traveling with groups around Cuba, we have been testing and selecting the best lodging service in private homes in our usual routes, which include Viñales, Havana, Playa Larga and Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs. Peninsula de Zapata), and the cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

We offer our directory with options of economic and quality accommodations, organized by area so that you know the selected properties, and it can coordinate lodgings during your stay in these cities and towns of Cuba. We are sure it will be very useful.

  • Torres’ House

    Calle Crespo # 117 e/ Colón y Trocadero. Barrio Colón. Centro Habana
    This house is the home of a delightful Cuban family committed to lodging of tourists since 2004. It has 2 acclimatized rooms, totally independent ... Read more »
    From: $ 20 €.
  • Carlos Valderrama’s House

    Calle Neptuno # 404 segundo piso e/n San Nicolás y Manrique. Centro Habana.
    This joint ownership of neocolonial style, is located in the privileged intersection of two of Havana´s most popular streets: Neptuno and San Nicolás, right ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • The Diver House

    Caletón. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata.
    The Divers’ Home: House located by the sea, with a large porch and a front yard with coconut trees and sun loungers. The place ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Las Terrazas hspedaje en Centro Habana

    Las Terrazas

    San Nicolás # 168. 1er Piso. Centro Habana.
    The house has 3 bedrooms distributed in two independent apartments. The 2 bedroom apartment is located in the first floor, both rooms are acclimatized. ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Casa Centro Habana, Cuba

    Centro Habana House

    Galiano #307 e/n San Miguel y Neptuno. Centro Habana. Cuba
    La Casa Centro Habana (Centro Havana House) are two modern and completely independent apartment of one room each, located a few steps from the ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Cape’s House

    Calle 25 # 453 e/n J e I. Vedado. La Habana. Cuba
    Casa Cape is made up of 2 completely independent apartments located on the first floor in the central area of ​​Vedado, adjacent to the ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Norma & Miguel’s House

    San Miguel # 302 entre Manrique y San Nicolás. Centro Habana
    Apartament built in the 50th decade of the last century, which has recently been transformed into two comfortable and independent apartments of 1 and ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Villa Nena y Ernesto

    Calle G # 85 e/n Avenida del Mar y Avenida del Sol, Playa La Boca, Trinidad
    Nena and Ernesto´s house is located 100 meters away from the beach in Playa la Boca in Trinidad. It is one of the best ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Carlos & Odalys Hostal

    23 Street Nr. 5412 between 54 and 56 Avenue, Historic Center of Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    The Inn is located in the Historical and Patrimonial Center Of the City from Cienfuegos to a block of the Park José Martí, nucleus ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Hostal “La Marina”

    6 Avenue Nr.3509A (Upstairs), between 35 and 37 Streets, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    El Hostal se encuentra ubicado en un lugar céntrico en Punta Gorda, frente al Parque de las esculturas y a la Marina Marlins, la ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Accommodation in Old Havana (Habana Vieja) Hostal Blue Colonial

    Blue Colonial

    Aguacate 67 e/ Empedrado y Tejadillo. Habana Vieja.
    Colonial house with 4 air-conditioned rooms and independent entrance located in Old Havana, very close to the main attractions of this area which can ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Casa Edenis - Playa Larga

    Edeni’s House

    Caletón. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata.
    House located a few meters from the sea with wide terrace where you can enjoy a nice view of the Bahía de Cochinos (Bay ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Hostal Luis - Playa Girón

    Hostal Luis

    Playa Girón, Cienaga de Zapata. Matanzas
    Hostal Luis are two lovely guest house consisting of large space, pleasant gardens and several separate rooms each with private bath and hot and ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Marina House

    Calle K # 508 altos e/n 25 y 27 Vedado. Plaza . La Habana. Cuba
    Marina´s House is a modern and roomy two-bedroom apartment, ready for rent that is only 150 meters away from Habana Libre Hotel (former Havana ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
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  • alojamiento en Viñales, Casa La China

    La China House

    Km 27 Carretera a Pto Esperanza. Viñales, Pinar del Río
    Located in Viñales main street, La China´s House rents three independent rooms with magnificent conditions, great comfort and an exquisite decoration. The cleanliness is ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Magda House

    Calle K # 508 bajos e/n 25 y 27 Vedado. Plaza . La Habana. Cuba.
    Magda´s House is on the ground floor of an elegant 50´s house in K St between the University of Havana and the famous Habana ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
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  • casa de alquiler habana

    Home Alone Comfort

    Calle C # 661 apto 3 (altos) entre 27 y 29. Vedado
    Home Alone Comfort is an apartment with total security and privacy of 2 separate rooms, each with accommodation for two people. It is located ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
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  • Hostal Las Maletas en el corazón de la habana Vieja

    Hostal Las Maletas

    Empedrado # 409 e/ Aguacate y Compostela. Habana Vieja
    Hostal Las Maletas consists of 12 rooms identified with the name of relevant areas of Cuba. All rooms are air conditioned, have private bathrooms ... Read more »
    From: $ 50 €.
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  • Tu lugar en La Habana, Hospedaje en el Vedado

    Tu lugar en La Habana

    Calle 1ra # 252 apartamento 92. 9no piso. entre Paseo y A. Vedado
    Independent apartment for rental in the seafront of the city of Havana, 3 air-conditioned rooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, balcony or terrace and ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
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  • “The Farito” House

    Carretera Pasacaballo Km 18 (Frente al Faro Las Coloradas), Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
    "The Farito" House is located on the road to Pasacaballo and near the house, instead of Indian legends and the time of the colony, ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Finca Los Colorados

    Highway Pasacaballos, 18 km. Rancho Luna Beach, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    Located to 18 kms of the city of Cienfuegos, in the highway that skirts the south, fair coast almost to the entrance of the ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
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  • Hostal “La Casona”

    0 Avenue Nr. 3502A between 35 and 37 street, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    "La Casona" combines the colonial style with the modern one. Located in a beautiful surrounded place of the waters of the Bay, with gardens ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
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  • Hostal “María Antonia y Nápoles”

    35 Street Nr. 22 among 0 and Litoral, La Punta, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    The Inn is located in an area declared National Monument: The Tip, an earth portion that goes into in the bay of a few ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Central Yard Inn - Alojamiento en el Vedado

    Hostal Havaniko

    Calle I, #457, e/ 21 y 23. Vedado. La Habana
    House (Casa Particular) located in the most central area of Vedado, very close to the Hotel Habana Libre, La Rampa, the National Hotel, Havana ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
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  • alojamiento en Viñales. Casa Alvys, Viñales

    Casa Alvys & Ada

    Calle Salvador Cineros # 26, Viñales. Pinar del Río
    Casa Alvy & Ada is located in the street Salvador Cisneros de Viñales. It rent two independent rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning and ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Casa Eliza, Accommodation in Viñales, Pinar del Rio

    Casa Eliza

    Calle Rafael Trejo # 37. Viñales. Pinar del Río
    La Casa de Eliza in Viñales is located in the center of the village, in the street Rafael Trejo, a few meters from the ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
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  • Casa Lyosman & Yanin. B&B in Trinidad

    Casa Lyosman & Yanin

    José Mendonza (Santa Ana) # 475 e/ Restoy Fajardo (Luz) y Lino Pérez (San Procopio)
    Casa Lyosman y Yanin is a beautiful colonial house belonging to a young Cuban couple with several years of experience within the tourism sector. ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Zuleida y Viñola, Accommodation in Playa Caleton, Playa Larga

    Casa Zuleida & Viñola

    Caletón, Playa Larga, Cienaga de Zapata. Matanzas
    Casa Zuleida & Viñola is a private lodging located in Caletón, Playa Larga, right at the edge of the beach. The Bed and Breakfast ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Alojamiento en Hostal Sol y Mar en La Boca, Trinidad

    Hostal “Sol & Mar”

    Avenida del Mar # 87. Playa La Boca. Trinidad
    Wide beachfront house in La Boca, Trinidad, with 2 air-conditioned rooms and private bathroom for rent, large terrace facing the sea; spacious gardens and ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Casa Kiki, Playa Larga

    Kiki’s House

    Caletón. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata.
    Located at four meters from the beach, the Kiki’s house has 3 rooms with private bathrooms, very comfortable and clean. One is upstairs with ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Hostal Enrique - Playa Larga

    Hostal Enrique

    Caletón nro.74. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata
    Located at few meters from the beach, with a terrace and a view to the sea. It has an air-conditioned kitchen-dining-room and excellent gastronomic ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Elena & Jorge Luis’s House

    Calle 41 # 5405 e/ 54 y 56. La Loria, Cienfuegos
    Colonial, spacious, ventilated very cozy house in downtown of the city. Comfortable living room and bedroom. ... Read more »
    From: $ 20 €.
  • Hostal Yuyo - Playa Larga

    Hostal Yuyo

    Caletón #144. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata
    Accommodation in independent rooms in private house located to 100 mts of the beach of Caleton, Playa Larga. The BandB has terrace on high, ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Rental of independent rooms in a private house in Caleton, Playa Larga

    Villa Rio Mar

    Avenida de Los Toros, Caletón. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata.
    Villa Río Mar, also known as Casa Motica, is a private house with 3 rooms with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Vivian hospedaje Vedado

    Vivi’s House

    J # 551, apto 42, 4to piso, Vedado. Plaza. La Habana
    It’s an apartment in the central area of Vedado very near La Rampa, near the University of Havana and the Havana Libre Hotel (formerly ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Casa Rafael - Sala comedor

    Apartamento Vista al Mar

    Calle Águila # 2 apto 3 3er piso e/n Malecón y San Lázaro. Centro Habana. Habana. Cuba
    Casa Vista al Mar is an independent apartment located in Centro Habana, on the 3rd floor, in the very Malecón, with an enviable sea ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
  • hospedaje en le vedado,La habana

    M & M House

    Calle 21 # 1364 bajos e/n 24 y 26 Vedado. Plaza. La Habana. Cuba
    Comfortable bedroom and portal in 21 Street b/ 24 and 26 at the heart of Vedado, one block from 23 and 26 Avenues in ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Cuba 60 - Habana Vieja

    Cuba 60 House

    Calle Cuba #60 apto 5to B. Habana Vieja
    With an impressive view overlooking Havana´s Bay, The Morro and Cabaña Fortresses and the whole seaside promenade, Casa Cuba 60 is located in the ... Read more »
  • Casa Lily, Miramar, Cuba

    Lily’s House

    Calle 110 #317 entre 3ra y 5ta. Miramar, Playa.
    In the neighborhood of Miramar, one of the most exclusive residential areas of Havana, just 100 meters from the sea and an enviable position ... Read more »
  • Divers Home - Renta de habitaciones en el Vedado

    Diver’s Home

    Cerca del Hotel Cohiba. Vedado. La Habana
    Diver’s Home surge de la idea de un instructor de buceo de prestar un servicio de hospedaje a sus clientes y amigos. Es un ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Alojamiento en La Habana con vista al mar

    Casa Urquiza

    Prado # 20. apto 5-A. e/ San Lázaro y Carcel. Centro Habana
    An apartment with a sea sight, located in the 5th floor of the attractive Prado # 20 Building just at the beginning of the ... Read more »
    From: $ 50 €.
  • Carmita House

    Calle Cuba # 60 e/n Peña Pobre y Cuarteles. Apto 6A. Habana Vieja. La Habana. Cuba
    Apartment where you have the unique view of the Bay of Havana and Havana Christ A very central location with many facilities. ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Casa Dagmara

    27 #7001 entre 70 y 72. Buena Vista.
    La Casa Dagmara is an independent house in the allotment Buena Vista located in the Municipality Playa, very next to the famous Cabaret Tropicana, ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Víctor

    Avenida 70 #2703 entre 27 y 29. Buena Vista. Playa. La Habana
    Casa Víctor has 4 rooms distributed in 4 independent apartments, each apartment possesses a comfortable acclimatized room, bathroom, living room-dining room and kitchen equipped ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Villa Liubys, Alquiler de habitaciones en Cienfuegos


    Avenida 18 No. 3502 entre 35 y 37 , Reparto Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    "Villa Liubys" is located in the popular Cast Punta Gorda , in front off popular Malecon, overlooking the calm blue ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Annia & Jose House

    35 Street Nr.1202 between 12 and 14 Avenue,Punta Gorda, Cuba
    The "Casa of Annia and Jose"  it is located and one of the Piers of Cienfuegos, in the famous one Distributes Punta Gorda. Located ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • House San Luis

    27 Street Nr.5606 between 56 and 58 Avenue, Historic Center of Cienfuegos, Cuba
    The "San Luis" House is located in the heart of the Historical Center of Cienfuegos, declared by the Humanity's Unesco Cultural Patrimony. Their elegant ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Casa Señora Martha

    23 Street Nr. 5410 between 54 and 56 Avenue, Historic Center of Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    House built in 1940 located in the heart of the historical center of the city of Cienfuegos, declared by Unesco Cultural Heritage of Humanity. ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Alojamiento en Miramar

    Casa Elsita

    Cale 14 # 119, entre 1ra y 3ra. Miramar, Playa. La Habana
    Casa Elsita is a friendly family home in the Havana neighborhood of Miramar, which has two rooms with private bathroom and all the facilities ... Read more »
    From: $ 50 €.
  • Alquiler de habitaciones en Miramar

    Casa Ernesto

    Calle 38 # 101, apartamento 2, entre 1ra y 3era, Miramar, Playa.
    Located in the neighborhood of Miramar, in Playa municipality, Ernesto house is a spacious apartment located very close to the Miramar 5th Avenue, in ... Read more »
    From: $ 50 €.
  • Casa Edel - Alquiler de habitaciones en Playa

    Casa Edel

    34 #3104 e/31 y 33, Playa. La Habana
    Casa Edel is a family home, decorated in the style of the fifteenth century and is located in the Almendares neighborhood, close to Miramar ... Read more »
    From: $ 50 €.
  • Villa Teresa

    0 Avenue Nr.3502, between 35 and 37 Streets, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    The Villa Teresa is a colonial house, of high tile roofs and wood. Their location transforms it into a special place, to few steps ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Daylin, Miramar

    Casa Daylin

    Calle 3raA #8609 entre 86 y 88. Miramar, Playa, la Habana
    Casa Daylin is an independent house in the is located in the exclusive allotment Miramar located in the Municipality Playa, very near to Comodoro ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
  • Hostal “Maria Elena”

    6 Avenue Nr.3509, among the streets 35 and 37, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    Located in the best area of Punta Gorda, surrounded of forced tourist places, the house offers to the visitor two rooms with independent, very ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Hostal “Yuly-Anne”

    (Español) Vial Propuesto #1 e/Reeves y Carretera Central Este, Reparto El Diamante, Camaguey, Cuba
    The Inn is located in a central place, near to the bus station of ViAzul in the city of Camagüey and to few blocks ... Read more »
    From: $ 20 €.
  • alojamiento en casa Idalmis en La Habana Vieja

    Casa Doña Idalmis

    Lamparilla # 351 esq. Aguacate. La Habana Vieja
    Casa Doña Idalmis is an independent apartment in Lamparilla street, Habana Vieja, with two rooms, living room with balcony and kitchen. Each room has ... Read more »
    From: $ 55 €.
  • Hostal Haydee - Accommodation in Havana Vieja

    Hostal Haydee

    Aguiar # 110 (bajos) entre Cuarteles y Chacón. Habana Vieja
    Haydee's Hostel is a colonial house of 1936, located in the heart of Habana Vieja, more specifically in the street Aguiar. This house is ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
  • Hostal ¨Plaza- Cienfuegos

    Hostal “Hostal Plaza”

    Calle 45 No. 2814 e/ 28 y 30, Reparto Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
    Located in the Allotment Punta Gorda, in the area of the Square of Acts, next to the Pier, near the sea, in address to ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Casa Papo & Niulvys

    Street Rafael Trejo #18-A, Viñales. Pinar del Río.
    Casa Papo & Niulvys is a house located just 100 meters from the center of Viñales where you will find the bus station, tourist ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • (Español) Hostal El Balcón. Alojamiento en Viñales

    El Balcon

    Rafael Trejo #48-A. 2do Piso. Viñales. Pinar del Río
    Located on a second floor, in the center of Viñales, Hostal El Balcón (in english: Balcony) is an excellent option for your stay in ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Yaqui. Alojamiento en La habana Vieja, Cuba

    Yaqui House

    Peña Pobre 52, apto 9, Esq. Aguiar. La Habana Vieja. Cuba
    Apartment for rent in Habana Vieja (Old Havana) with 2 double rooms, air conditioning and all the amenities that will make your stay very ... Read more »
    From: $ 45 €.
  • Apartamento para el alquiler en la Calle I y 23, Vedado

    Habana 23

    Calle I # 502 entre 23 y 25, 2do Piso apto 23. Vedado. La Habana
    Completely independent apartment with balcony overlooking 23rd street in Vedado, Havana; 300 meters from the well known Habana Libre Hotel, Coppelia and La Rampa ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
  • Casa 22

    Quinta Avenida # 8602, apto 22 entre 86 y 88. Miramar, Playa. La Habana
    House 22 is located in 5th Avenue, Miramar neighborhood, very close to Hotel Comodoro, Hotel Meliá Habana, Miramar Business Center and Hemingway Marina. Its ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Habitaciones para el alquiler en La Habana Vieja / Rooms for rent in Old Havana

    La Floridana

    Peña Pobre 117 entre Habana y Avenida de las Misiones, La Habana.
    La Floridana is a colonial-style hostel located in Old Havana (Habana Vieja). It offers two comfortable rooms, spacious and bright, each with private bathroom ... Read more »
    From: $ 65 €.
  • Casa para el alojamiento en Playa Larga

    Casa Ernesto

    Caletón, Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata, Matanzas
    Casa Ernesto rents 4 rooms that can be considered small independent apartments; each with air conditioning, private bathroom, minibar and other amenities that ensure ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
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  • Habitaciones paa la renta en Gran Cañon, Playa Larga

    Gran Cañon House

    Caletón. Playa Larga. Cienaga de Zapata, Matanzas
    The Gran Cañón house has two comfortable rooms for rent, each with capacity for two or more people, private bathroom, air conditioning and other ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Cecilia- Alojamiento en el Vedado

    Casa Cecilia

    Calle J #156 e/9 y 11. Vedado. Plaza de La Revolución. La Habana
    Casa Cecilia is located in Vedado and consists of two independent apartments for rent with a nice terrace or patio where you can enjoy ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Casa Hortensia - Alojamiento en Miramar

    Casa Hortensia

    Calle 13 #6814 e/ 68 y 70. Playa. La Habana. Cuba
    Casa Hortensia rents 2 independent rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning. The house has an air-conditioned living room and dining room and has ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Independent apartment for rent in Centro Habana, Casa Betymar

    Casa BetyMar

    San Miguel # 421 apto2 e/ Lealtad y Campanario. Centro Habana
    Completely independent house located in Centro Habana, very close to the Boulevard of San Rafael. Rent a room with private bathroom, living room, kitchen ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
  • El Castillito - Accommodation in independent rooms with bathroom in private house in Playa Giron, Bay of Pigs

    El Castillito

    Carretera a Cienfuegos. Playa Girón. Cienaga de Zapata. Matanzas.
    Hostal located in Playa Giron, Bay of Pigs, that is characterized by a unique architecture and a service of very good quality. B&B El ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Casa Eneida - B&B in Caleton, Playa Larga

    Casa Eneida

    Calle 1ra # 203. Caletón. Playa Larga. Matanzas
    Private house with 4 independent rooms, each with private bathroom and air conditioning, located in Caletón, Playa Larga. The rooms are very comfortable and ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Rooms for rent for nature lovers in casa particular in Playa Larga. Ana House

    Casa Ana

    Caleton. Playa Larga. Matanzas
    Located in Playa Larga, just a few meters from the 24-hour shopping center, Casa Ana offers two air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom. It has ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • B&B El Varadero. Rent rooms in private house (casa particular) in Playa Larga

    B&B El Varadero

    Caletón, Playa Larga, Cienaga de Zapata. Matanzas
    B&B El Varadero is a beautiful house by the sea in Caletón, Playa Larga. It rents 2 rooms air-conditioned with independent bathroom with an ... Read more »
    From: $ 40 €.
  • Independent charming holiday rentals on the edge of the beach at Caleton, Playa Larga

    Chalet La Casita

    Caletón, Playa Larga, Cienaga de Zapata. Matanzas
    Charming chalet style house, completely independent, located in the same beach of Caletón. It has a room with private bathroom and air conditioning, living ... Read more »
    From: $ 50 €.
  • Accommodation in private house in Holguin, Casa Los Tiempos

    Casa Los Tiempos

    Avenida de los Álamos 1A entre Carbó y Constitución, Holguín.
    Independent room for rent in private house with bathroom and balcony. The accommodation is located a few blocks from the bus terminal of the ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Accommodation in colonial style house of Vedado, Casa de Palo

    Casa de Palo

    calle D no. 502 entre 23 y 21, Vedado, La Habana
    The house of Palo, one of the first homes built in the neighborhood of Vedado, consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining ... Read more »
    From: $ 45 €.
  • Rooms for rent in Smart Bed. Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs (Bah{ia de Cochinos)

    Smart Beds Gran Hostal Bahia de Cochinos

    Caleton, Playa Larga. Matanzas
    The Gran Hostal Bahía de Cochinos is located about 50 meters from the beach Caletón Beach, Playa Larga. It ... Read more »
  • La Terraza Colonial. casa de alquiler en el Vedado, La Habana

    La Terraza Colonial

    Calle J # 514, apartamento 1, altos, esquina 25 (entrada por 25)
    Apartamento estilo colonial ubicado en el Vedado donde se alquilan 2 amplias y frescas habitaciones climatizadas con baño privado, ideal para estancias largas. Los ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Accommodation in the house (casa particular) of Sixto and María in Vedado, Havana

    Sixto & María House

    F # 609, bajos (low level), apto. 7 entre 25 y 27. Vedado
    Independent apartment located in Vedado with 3 rooms available for rent. Each room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, TV and other amenities. It ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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