Diving options in Cuba for certified and inexperienced divers

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We serve individual divers and small or medium-sized groups in a personalized manner. We offer services to both certified divers and those who want to discover the diving experience for the first time.

We have a professional team specialized in providing customized services and everything you might need diving lovers. Years of experience and our customers are our guarantee.


Scuba Diving Excursions
We offer personalized diving excursions to more than 30 selected dive sites where you will enjoy interesting coral reefs, excellent visibility and abundant fauna.

This service is valid for anyone wanting for a one-day dive or comply with any one of our packages.

Divers may have experience or not, we fit your profile. Our offerings include all diving equipment.

Dives Initiations & Courses

Dive Initiations & Courses
We initiations in an attractive and safe. These consist of a lecture, a practice very shallow (no more than 1.5 meters) and a first immersion between 5 and 8 meters deep, all in one morning, in which you will begin to enjoy the diving. If you decide to continue with the activity can opt for one of our courses and get an international certification.

We offer certification courses SSI, PSS and ACUC. Our instructors, with lots of teaching experience, methodological and practical, will bring you fun and safe way to get your first diving certification or acquire advanced levels of expertise as divers.

Trips & Packages

Trips & Packages
We prepare dynamic all inclusive diving packages that are attractive and economical, which combine diving and touring the country. These trips are ideal for divers, photographers and families who wish to know Cuba in an unforgettable way.

The packages are not rigid and can be customized according to the interests of participants.

Underwater Photography in Cuba

Underwater Photography
Renowned underwater photographers make up our team, we offer everything you need anyone wishing to underwater photography in Cuba.

We provide both novice and demanding professionals.

Offers for Professionals Divers
We also provide services to Instructors, Schools and Dive Centers so they can know Cuba and extend their workspace to our country.

Our staff, with over 20 years of experience and certified by various agencies (SSI, PSS, ACUC, PADI, CMAS) works with small groups.
– One instructor every 4 experienced divers.
– One instructor every 2 inexperienced or beginners divers.