Houses for Rent

Cienfuegos-Rancho Luna

  • “The Farito” House

    Carretera Pasacaballo Km 18 (Frente al Faro Las Coloradas), Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
    "The Farito" House is located on the road to Pasacaballo and near the house, instead of Indian legends and the time of the colony, ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 USD.
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  • Finca Los Colorados

    Highway Pasacaballos, 18 km. Rancho Luna Beach, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    Located to 18 kms of the city of Cienfuegos, in the highway that skirts the south, fair coast almost to the entrance of the ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 USD.
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