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Our specialty is the organization of trips that combine Diving with the best Tourism for Cuba. We design all-inclusive packages with personalized services that are very attractive, economical and dynamic. These are ideal for Divers, Photographers, Groups of Friends and Families.

We guarantee lodging, transport, food, excellent immersions and all the logistics to carry out one of the most attractive routes of the country and to live an extraordinary experience knowing Cuba and its people.

Packages are relatively flexible and can be customized according to the interests and preferences of the participants.

Normally packages are offered in versions of 3, 5 and 7 days of duration, although packages can be prepared on demand.

3 Days Travel
From 320 CUC
2 nights in Playa Larga,
and 1 night in Havana

5 Dives
Local walks

Cuban Music Nights

5 Days Travel
From 470 CUC
2 nights in Playa Larga,
2 nights in Trinidad,
1 night in Havana

7 Dives
Visits to places of interest on the route
Cuban Music Nights

7 Days Travel
From 545 CUC
2 nights in Playa Larga,
1 night in Cienfuegos,
2 nights in Trinidad,
2 nights in Havana
8 Dives
Visits to places of interest on the route
Cuban Music Nights
Swimming with dolphins

All packages can be combined with other reservations or activities that you have previously planned for your trip to Cuba; We can also plan extra days in Havana to complement the package of your choice.

We adapt to all levels of experience of the divers and we have an interesting program of diving initiation that allows the whole family to enjoy the experience safely and fun .

All packages include transport , but if you have it, price is deducted from the package. Also used differentiated prices for divers or companions and for the use of single or double rooms.

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