Houses for rent in Cienfuegos

Private houses for rent in Cienfuegos, one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba, known as La Perla del Sur (The South Pearl). Accommodation options in houses and hostels in Punta Gorda, Rancho Luna or the city itself, where you can enjoy the hospitality of the Cuban family with the comfort you need.

  • Carlos & Odalys Hostal

    23 Street Nr. 5412 between 54 and 56 Avenue, Historic Center of Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    The Inn is located in the Historical and Patrimonial Center Of the City from Cienfuegos to a block of the Park José Martí, nucleus ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Hostal “La Marina”

    6 Avenue Nr.3509A (Upstairs), between 35 and 37 Streets, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    El Hostal se encuentra ubicado en un lugar céntrico en Punta Gorda, frente al Parque de las esculturas y a la Marina Marlins, la ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Finca Los Colorados

    Highway Pasacaballos, 18 km. Rancho Luna Beach, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    Located to 18 kms of the city of Cienfuegos, in the highway that skirts the south, fair coast almost to the entrance of the ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
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  • Hostal “La Casona”

    0 Avenue Nr. 3502A between 35 and 37 street, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    "La Casona" combines the colonial style with the modern one. Located in a beautiful surrounded place of the waters of the Bay, with gardens ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
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  • Hostal “María Antonia y Nápoles”

    35 Street Nr. 22 among 0 and Litoral, La Punta, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    The Inn is located in an area declared National Monument: The Tip, an earth portion that goes into in the bay of a few ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • “The Farito” House

    Carretera Pasacaballo Km 18 (Frente al Faro Las Coloradas), Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
    "The Farito" House is located on the road to Pasacaballo and near the house, instead of Indian legends and the time of the colony, ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
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  • Casa Señora Martha

    23 Street Nr. 5410 between 54 and 56 Avenue, Historic Center of Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    House built in 1940 located in the heart of the historical center of the city of Cienfuegos, declared by Unesco Cultural Heritage of Humanity. ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Villa Teresa

    0 Avenue Nr.3502, between 35 and 37 Streets, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    The Villa Teresa is a colonial house, of high tile roofs and wood. Their location transforms it into a special place, to few steps ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Hostal “Maria Elena”

    6 Avenue Nr.3509, among the streets 35 and 37, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos City, Cuba
    Located in the best area of Punta Gorda, surrounded of forced tourist places, the house offers to the visitor two rooms with independent, very ... Read more »
    From: $ 35 €.
  • Elena & Jorge Luis’s House

    Calle 41 # 5405 e/ 54 y 56. La Loria, Cienfuegos
    Colonial, spacious, ventilated very cozy house in downtown of the city. Comfortable living room and bedroom. ... Read more »
    From: $ 20 €.
  • Villa Liubys, Alquiler de habitaciones en Cienfuegos


    Avenida 18 No. 3502 entre 35 y 37 , Reparto Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    "Villa Liubys" is located in the popular Cast Punta Gorda , in front off popular Malecon, overlooking the calm blue ... Read more »
    From: $ 30 €.
  • Hostal ¨Plaza- Cienfuegos

    Hostal “Hostal Plaza”

    Calle 45 No. 2814 e/ 28 y 30, Reparto Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
    Located in the Allotment Punta Gorda, in the area of the Square of Acts, next to the Pier, near the sea, in address to ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • Annia & Jose House

    35 Street Nr.1202 between 12 and 14 Avenue,Punta Gorda, Cuba
    The "Casa of Annia and Jose"  it is located and one of the Piers of Cienfuegos, in the famous one Distributes Punta Gorda. Located ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
  • House San Luis

    27 Street Nr.5606 between 56 and 58 Avenue, Historic Center of Cienfuegos, Cuba
    The "San Luis" House is located in the heart of the Historical Center of Cienfuegos, declared by the Humanity's Unesco Cultural Patrimony. Their elegant ... Read more »
    From: $ 25 €.
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