Scuba Diving in Havana, Bay of Pigs and others places in Cuba

CubaDivingNow provides tours for one-day immersion to the best dive locations in Havana and the surrounding area or the Bay of Pigs (Bahía de Cochinos) in the Zapata Peninsula. This option is ideal for anyone that eventually wants to enjoy diving and is visiting Havana on a cruise or is hosted in Havana.

The immersions include the personalized service of one diving instructor for every 4 advanced divers or two novice divers.

All immersion will be performed from the coast. Immersion sites have been chosen for their characteristics for this type of immersion and have conditions that satisfy the most demanding divers.

Immersion typePrices
Simple Immersion35 USD

Double Dive

(2 dives on the same day)
65 USD
Night Dive40 USD
Specialized DiveFrom:
40 USD

The complete equipment is included. If you own your own equipment you will receive a discount of 5 USD (for each day of immersion) only receiving the bottles and weights.

These prices do not include transportation services, which can agreed based on the distance to the chosen immersion location or on the number of people to participate in the dive. The transfer to the dive site is private and personalized. You will be picked up at the place you indicate us and at the end of the diving excursion you will be returned to the same place or another central area of the city if you wish.

If you require more information, please, do it through our contact section.

Cuba Diving Now also offers diving and tourism trips where you can combine immersion and visits to different attractions in several cities of Cuba.

You can also visit the section Diving in Cuba in our Photo Gallery.

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