Hostal Enrique

Hostal Enrique

Located at few meters from the beach, with a terrace and a view to the sea. It has an air-conditioned kitchen-dining-room and excellent gastronomic service, considered by many specialists as one of the best locally.

Hostal Enrique consists in two actual houses united by an inner hall, a total of 14 rooms are being rented, which makes it a place suitable for groups. However, rooms can be rented individually.
All the rooms have their en suite bathroom, great comfort and safety.

The landlord as well as the help is very kind and obliging, which will make your stay a pleasant experience.

This Hostal has been recommended by well-known tourist guides such as Lonely Planet, El Routal y Petit Foute

The region is perfect for scuba diving, fishing, bird watching, trekking or yachting cruising or sailing, and the house has the requirements for all these activities. The area is also very attractive from the nature point of view for photography.

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