“The Farito” House

“The Farito” House

“The Farito” House is located on the road to Pasacaballo and near the house, instead of Indian legends and the time of the colony, where the natural landscape is complemented by legendary constructions like the Jagua Castle that guards the entrance of the Cienfuegos´s Bay.

In front of her … the immense South Sea and lighthouse Las Coloradas, an incredibly pictures view that incites rest and relaxation .

With a very nice living room, a bar to refresh after an exciting tour around and a kitchen where Cuban´cooks delight your palate, the house offers Two rooms well equipped and excellent conditions climate, private bathrooms with hot water and other amenities.

The environment is captivating : a portal with rocking chairs, a rear and side terrace set with hammocks according to the taste of the host and an upper terrace which offers the most amazing view and allows contemplate, sipping an exquisite dinner, sunset.

Guests can sample fruits, vegetables and cultivated species on lands that stretch behind the house, by their owners.

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